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Preppin Stumps

I had a day full of Rex, my 2 year old, so no time to hit the studio. I did prep some tree trunks stumps in the driveway.

We had a large Ginko tree cut down yesterday (sad to see it go, but it got too big for its space and the roots were cracking our garage foundation)... *tear😢... but our awesome tree dudes cut me some log pieces!

Next week I am learning to turn bowls out of wood on a lathe (one of those turny things where the wood chips fly ⚡️).

Apparently you either turn wood wet, or dry.

To air dry wood, it takes a full year, per inch of thickness (AND dry wood doesn’t always dry stable enough to turn- yikes)!

A way to keep the wood wet, so you can use it in the wet method without it drying out, is to paint the ends with house paint to seal in the moisture.

Long story short: today I painted stump ends.

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