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On a roll... then... life

Any one else feel this??: when you feel like you finally find your creative groove and then... life happens. I was so enjoying my rhythm and then my husband went out of town and my nanny got sick... I have not touched a paint brush in over a week.

So what to do? When life isn’t letting you have the creative liberty and time you want? FILL THE MOLD. I got this concept from the book “the artists way” by Julia Cameron.

Filling the mold means doing somethjng every day that leads toward becoming whatever you want to be... in my case an artist. So even when I wasn’t painting, I was doing easier things, cleaning and organizing my studio, bisque firing, sanding wood panels to prep.... doing things that an artist does (The idea being that one day you will fill this hypothetical “mold” and be what and who you want).

I tell myself, as long as I’m moving forward, even a little, I’m still going somewhere.

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