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Glaze testing

It’s good to know what you are working with glaze wize. Glaze tests are the way to go! (To see how different numbers of coats work, to see if the glaze runs, to see what it looks like over your clay body).

I made these clay tubes and bisque fired them and then dipped them in my new glazes. First dip I went 3/4 of the way, second dip I only went half way- so you can see the difference of one coat vs 2.

Tested: (left to right) at cone 5.5

Amaco Art Deco Green

Amaco Satin Matte Black

Amaco Celedon in Aqua

Before firing:

After firing:


I love the matte black- I have to make sure that is at least double coat and even. The celadon aqua is not as green as I would like 😭 and it ran a tad. The Art Deco green needs a third coat- it was thicker on the inside and the cool metallic patina started to show.

***All glazes are food safe and fire at cone 5-6

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