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Filling in the puzzle- hair and skin base color edition...

Today I worked on the big one I started this week. I roughly filled in skin and hair.

For skin I fill in each body shape (by shape I mean an uninterrupted area of the body- like upper arm... if the arm was bent it would be 2 shapes with 2 different color palettes. If the arm is straight, it would be one shape). I fill the shape in with the darkest value. My paint colors vary based on the scene, lighting, and vibe that I am trying to achieve (as well as the subjects skin tone). Today I had the following colors on my palette: cerulean blue, cadmium orange, unbleached titanium, muted pink, and burnt umber.

Hair: I tend to use a similar base color for dark brown- dirty blonde hair. It is a mix of Navy blue and Burnt Umber. **Fun fact I never use the color black in my paintings... Navy and Burnt umber do all of my darkening. Even when someone has black hair- I tend to relay that using blues.

Here is what I had time for today:

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